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Affordable Roof Repair Solutions for Residential & Commercial Properties

Avoid the hassle and high cost of replacing a
Super Six or Decramastic roof with asbestos

We will provide 3 ways of how you can achieve a leak-free, long-lasting solution as well as significant savings of hundreds of dollars for your residential or commercial roof for years to come.  Simply click on any of the three roof types displayed below for more information.

We provide:

  • Nationwide service

  • Prompt responses to all inquiries

  • Ballpark estimates wherever possible

  • Experienced contractors personally visiting each job and providing a final price that includes necessary extras and colour finalisation


Super Six Roofs

Prolong the lifespan of your existing Super Six Roof without costly removal. Save thousands of dollars and simultaneously waterproof your concrete block walls with the same process.

Decramastic Roofs

Gerard Roofing have developed an overlay system using Metrotiles that eliminates the expensive removal costs associated with removal.

Iron Roof Restoration

A proven long term solution for treating rust roofs.

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